Powel Brown Lab

Through our research, we are focused on identifying molecules that are critical for ER-negative breast cancer development and progression by:

  • Identifying critical molecular pathways involved with breast cell growth and transformation
  • Investigating the functions of signaling molecules activated by these pathways
  • Developing strategies targeting these signaling molecules that are capable of blocking or interfering with transformation and cell growth
  • Carrying these strategies forward to clinical trials focused on the prevention or treatment of breast cancer

We use a wide range of studies to support this research, including molecular studies of gene expression, cellular biological studies of normal and premalignant human breast cells, and in vivo studies using gene therapy and small molecule inhibitors in transgenic and knockout mice. Members of the Powel Brown Lab use whole genome approaches at the DNA, RNA, proteomic and metabolomic levels to investigate breast biology and transformation. Scientists also use systems biology, bioinformatics and high-throughput screening techniques to identify novel signal transduction pathways, which they then target in developing new cancer therapies. Through these studies we seek to identify new strategies to treat and prevent breast cancer.

We currently have projects supported by an NIH R01 grant, DOD grants, BCRF grants, and a Susan G. Komen for the Cure Promise grant to conduct studies to identify new targets for the treatment and prevention of breast cancer. The studies that support this research center on the active and complete training of pre- and post-doctoral students and senior research scientists in a broad range of techniques currently supporting cancer research, including:  molecular biology, genetics, signal transduction, bioinformatics and systems biology.

The Powel Brown Lab - Summer 2013 (back-to-front and left-to-right): Chris Hines, Petra den Hollander, Jonathan Shepherd, Jamal Hill, Beate Litzenburger, Ivan Uray, Katie Rawls, Nidhi Batra, Svasti Haricharan, Ha Tran, Jing Zhao, Yun Zhang, Abhijit Mazumdar. (Missing from photo are Graham Poage and Yurun Zhang.)