Department of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery

The Department of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery exists to serve the research programs of MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Our primary mission is to provide the best possible veterinary care, facilities and services in support of the institutional animal care and use program, in keeping with all applicable laws, regulations, guidelines and AAALAC accreditation standards. The department's capabilities are broad based and flexible to accommodate a variety of research interests while remaining in compliance with required standards. The basis of our program is centered on the well being of all animals, the best interests of our researchers and the best interest of MD Anderson Cancer Center and its animal care and use program.

Animal Care at MD Anderson

Clinical and basic cancer research involving laboratory animals is conducted at MD Anderson. Improved cancer treatments and diagnostic procedures are being developed using laboratory animals. These involve chemotherapeutic and immunologic agents, surgical procedures, radiotherapy and combinations of multiple modalities. Basic cancer research is conducted in support of patient care in the above areas as well, but also includes other animal use areas such as cancer biology, genetics, biochemistry, molecular therapeutics, immunology, pathology, pharmacology, biomathematics, neurology, anesthesiology and veterinary medicine and surgery.

UDSA Research Facility Registration #7465
PHS Animal Welfare Assurance #A334301
AAALAC Accredited since 1969


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