Investigational Cancer Therapeutics

Phase I Clinical Trials Program

The Department of Investigational Cancer Therapeutics conducts broad phase I studies across disease boundaries and molecular targets.  We strive to provide outstanding patient care while performing innovative phase I trials with new drugs that may eventually improve the management of cancer.  Under the leadership of Department Chair, Dr. Funda Meric-Bernstam, Deputy Department Chair, Dr. David Hong, and Department Administrator, Dr. Tandy Tipps, our program has become a centralized resource for patients, physicians and scientists who are looking for new experimental phase I therapies that may eventually represent advances in cancer research and treatment.


Leading the discovery of novel drugs for patients with cancer 


To bring personalized medicine to patients with cancer through the use of matched targeted therapies identified through molecular profiling


  • To provide novel cancer treatment options to patients with cancer
  • To improve treatment options for patients with cancer through research and discovery
  • To provide education, instruction, and training for the next generation of clinical researchers through fellowship and publications

You also can learn about the Clinical Center for Targeted Therapy, which is dedicated to providing excellent care to our patients by bringing the newest agents for cancer treatment more quickly from the laboratory to clinical trials. For referrals, visit the Contact Information page.