Health Disparities Research

Mission Statement

To reduce, and ultimately eliminate, disparities in cancer incidence, morbidity and mortality and cancer-related behavior through research and education addressing the determinants of disparities as well as interventions and policies designed to eliminate disparities.

Departmental Goal

To be a recognized leader at the international, national, state and local levels in research and education on cancer disparities, and the premier cancer center-based scientific group addressing disparities.

Departmental Objectives

  • Develop a team of investigators with appropriate expertise and collaborations to elucidate the critical pathways between social/population-level factors and cancer-related behavior/disease
  • Build interdisciplinary collaborations throughout MD Anderson and externally to enhance the understanding of health disparities
  • Focus on multidisciplinary research at multiple levels of analysis, from the molecular to the societal levels, spanning the continuum of discovery, development and delivery/dissemination
  • Develop a program that substantially contributes to research in social and environmental influences
  • Support and expand educational programs at multiple levels, focusing on cancer-related health disparities that span the basic, clinical and public health research domains
  • Develop a culture that values diversity, tolerance, collaboration and mutual support among faculty and staff, fosters creativity and emphasizes the meaningfulness and ultimate impact of the research focus on human well-being