Department of Diagnostic Radiology

Wei-Tse Yang, M.D.

The Department of Diagnostic Radiology is committed to providing outstanding patient care by combining excellence in clinical imaging, research and educational programs with state-of-the-art technology. Led by a world-renowned faculty, the department offers a wide array of outstanding programs with a deep commitment to developing and disseminating subspecialty expertise. Our team of medical professionals conducts more than 500,000 studies each year, maintaining the highest standards of clinical excellence provided in a compassionate, caring environment. 

We continue to build our clinical imaging enterprise through the opening of outpatient imaging centers, which support our commitment to patient-centered care. A strong collaborative interaction between research and clinical practice allows us to rapidly implement new, and sometimes revolutionary, imaging and therapeutic innovations.

Because of our international reputation, we attract the best and the brightest students, residents, and fellows. Our diverse educational programs provide extensive interdisciplinary research and training opportunities that bring great breadth and depth to our educational mission.


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