BY Lauren Schoenemann

Jennifer Dunmoyer lived the first 34 years of her life feeling invincible -- until she was diagnosed with cancer.

"I have always been very healthy," she says. "I never took any medications. I was young, strong and vital and had a deep faith in God."

"Cancer shook everything I ever believed to the very core."

In July 2010, Dunmoyer learned that she had small cell cervical cancer...

BY MD Anderson

When entertainment reporter and reality TV star Giuliana Rancic made public her breast cancer diagnosis, rumors began to swirl about whether...

BY Stephen Collazo - Social Work

October is national Domestic Violence Awareness Month. And while it may be difficult to imagine someone with cancer in an abusive relationship...

BY Judy Overton

Jerry Wilson claimed a front row seat. Wilson, diagnosed with stage IV colorectal cancer in 2009, has beaten the disease so far. What he can't shake is the fatigue he's experienced during his cancer journey.

"If you ever had a severe case of flu that totally drains you both physically and mentally, this is what I felt like all the time after starting a multiple chemo treatment," Wilson says.

Wilson has regained...

BY Julie Penne

When patients are being prepared for surgery, the last thing on their mind is the risk of a fire in the operating room.

At MD Anderson...

BY Johanna Pule, L.M.S.W. - Social Work

If your doctor were to tell you that you need to stay in the hospital for a month or longer for treatment, what concerns would you have?