BY Michelle Yelton

Courtney Holladay’s connection to MD Anderson’s mission began at age 4 when she learned her mom had ovarian cancer. “I don’t remember much about the experience, but I’m forever grateful to this organization that has given so much to my family and to many others,” she says.

Now a mother of three boys, Holladay says that it means everything to be present in her sons’ lives the way her mom was for her, thanks to her successful treatment...

Courtney Holladay sits in front of a painting with her hands folded on her knee.

BY Michelle Yelton

After losing her mother and six of her 15 siblings to cancer, everything Marvetta Walker does as executive director for Projects and Operations...

BY Michelle Yelton

The couch was Janice Simon’s refuge. Overwhelmed and exhausted, the comforting cushions and a healthy dose of HGTV temporarily kept the personal...

BY Michelle Yelton

Spend a few minutes with Cherry Sloan-Medrano, and you’ll find yourself laughing. A little longer, and you’ll probably share your life story.

“People tell me I’m easy to talk to,” Sloan-Medrano says. “My husband always says I know everyone in the elevator, baggage claim at the airport, everywhere.”

That ability to relate easily to people allows her to fulfill her passion for sharing knowledge.

“I love to be an advocate...