BY Lainie Jones

I’ve been coming to MD Anderson for almost 11 years now, because I have a rare genetic condition called Li-Fraumeni Syndrome. It puts me at much greater risk of developing many different types of cancer over my lifetime. I’m only 36 now, and I’ve already had five cancers: adrenal, breast, thyroid, melanoma and sarcoma.

Normally, I get my checkups at MD Anderson every three months, just to make sure nothing new has cropped up. My...

Five-time cancer survivor Lainie Jones wearing a mask

BY Lainie Jones

Genetic disorders can be really scary, but learning that I have one probably saved my life. It also led me to my current career. As a fundraiser...

BY Lainie Jones

I had adrenal cancer as an infant in 1985, so the word ‘survivor’ has been part of my vocabulary my whole life. Even though I was too...

BY Lainie Jones

Many girls picture their wedding all the way down to the shoes.

I was never that girl. Yes, I wanted to marry the man of my dreams, but I never envisioned my wedding.

And I definitely didn't imagine I'd be planning a wedding while undergoing chemo.

"Challenges young adults should never have to face"
My husband, Joseph (JJ), and I met while working at a popular retail store when we were 21. (He was that...

Lainie Jones

BY Lainie Jones

On December 12, 2011, two weeks prior to my 25th birthday, I got a present I never wished for: "You have breast cancer."