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April at a Glance

You’re busy. We get it. (We are, too!) That doesn’t mean you have to miss out on our healthy eating tips and tools. Below, we highlight our favorite bite-sized tips from this month’s issue.

Dinner in a Dash

  • Too busy to prep healthy meals? Stock up on frozen stir-fry veggies, pre-sliced veggies or steamer-bag veggies.
  • “Blanch” green veggies like asparagus, snap peas and green beans before freezing. This will preserve them — and their cancer-fighting nutrients — so you can enjoy them later.
  • Flavor intensifies in food during freezer time. So, leave out the salt, pepper and spices until you’re ready to serve.

Get more supper shortcuts.

Grocery List: Prevention in Your Pantry

  • Tend to make unhealthy impulse buys at the grocery store? Make a grocery list — better yet, use ours — before you shop.
  • Stock up on a variety of fruits and veggies. The more variety, the more cancer-fighting vitamins and minerals you’ll get.
  • Curb your cancer risk by ditching the red meat for lean chicken or turkey, lean fish, tofu and low-sodium beans.

Download our grocery list (PDF).

Diet Review: Foods for Thought

  • Looking for a diet you can actually stick with? Choose one that gives you lots of options from all food groups.
  • Don’t have celiac disease? Then don’t go gluten-free. You'll miss out on whole grains that help prevent cancer.
  • Starting a weight-loss program? Make sure you’re not losing more than 2 pounds per week. Otherwise, you'll damage your body and make it harder to fight off disease.

Get the skinny on eating right for life.

Drink a Glass of Health

  • Want to help your body get rid of toxins that put you at risk of diseases like cancer? Drink lots of fluids.
  • Coffee’s anti-inflammatory properties may help prevent some cancers but stick to eight ounces per day.
  • Want a cup of tea? Choose white or green tea. They're less processed than black tea, so they have more cancer-fighting antioxidants.

Want more tips on filling your glass? Drink up!

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