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UTPD CarsThe University of Texas Police Department at Houston (UTPD) provides law enforcement and protective services to MD Anderson Cancer Center and UT-Health Science Center at Houston. Both institutions are located within the Texas Medical Center with additional locations throughout the Houston metropolitan area.  

UTPD is a professional university police department that is CALEA and IACLEA accredited and TPCA recognized. UTPD provides paid training, including innovative tactical training that is utilized for the issue and deployment of patrol rifles to qualified officers. We have a departmental Special Response Team (SRT), and currently have five officers who are active on the UT System Rapid Response Team (SRRT). UTPD also has special assignments in Criminal Investigations, Intelligence, Professional Standards and Crime Prevention.  We offer competitive pay and excellent benefits.

Position Descriptions and Benefits

Police Officer Positions

UTP2013The UT Police Department offers an excellent career for Police Officers. Here are some of the many activities you'll be responsible for as a member of the UT Police:

  • Patrol of areas owned, operated and leased by the University of Texas in the Texas Medical Center and throughout the Houston metropolitan area
  • Responding to and investigating reports of criminal and suspicious activity
  • Safeguarding 50,000 plus employees, student, staff, patients and visitors
  • Overseeing 100,000 persons passing through the Texas Medical Center daily
  • Protecting millions of dollars of public and private property
  • Maintaining a pro-active approach to the prevention of crime
  • Providing various police services to the university community
  • Working in a dynamic environment that allows for advancement and growth

Comprehensive Benefits Package

Annual salary range for Police Officers is $46,400 to $69,600 commensurate with experience;

  • $50 semi-monthly for Field Training Officers during active training of recruits
  • $1,200 annually for Bilingual Police Officer (fluent Spanish with testing certification)
  • $1,800 annually for Bachelor’s degree, $3,000 annually for Master’s degree, $3,300 annually for Juris Doctoral
  • $1,200 annually for Intermediate certification
  • $2,400 annually for Advanced certification
  • $3,600 annually for Master’s certification
  • Up to $5,250 a year educational reimbursement through cohort


  • 21 years of age on the date of commissioning
  • Proportionate height and weight
  • High school diploma/GED

Application Process

Search for Police Officer positions now.

Public Safety Officer Positions

PSO2013The UT Police Department offers an excellent career for Public Safety Officers. The Public Safety Officer position plays an integral role in providing customer service, assisting as a first responder and serving as additional eyes and ears for maintaining a safer environment. Here are some of the many activities you'll be responsible for as a member of the UT Police Department:

  • Assignment on Day, Evening, or Night Shift
  • Foot patrol of university owned and operated buildings
  • Provides escorts of employees, students, visitors, and patients to parking facilities and university buildings
  • Screens employees, students, patients, visitors and contractors at building entrances
  • Handles, processes and secures found property
  • Assists patients, visitors and contractors with directions and points of information
  • Assists with first responders regarding fire alarms, building hazards and building evacuations

Annual salary range for Public Safety Officer is $23,200 - $34,800.

 Educational reimbursement through cohort

Search for Public Safety Officer positions now.


Wanted - Women in Policing

UTP WomenIf you have the courage and desire to work proactively in the community, the integrity to work honestly, and the intelligence and compassion to understand diverse situations and people, then you are wanted by the UT Police Department! The UT Police Department is a progressive campus police agency located in the Texas Medical Center area with additional property located throughout the Houston metropolitan area.

The UT Police Department has numerous opportunities for women who are committed to making law enforcement an exciting career. We recognize the important role women play in a modern police setting. Women bring a fresh approach to all areas of law enforcement including patrol, crime prevention and special assignments such as training and criminal investigations.

Excellent benefits are included which make it possible for women to successfully balance a fulfilling and exciting career in law enforcement with the responsibilities of a family;

  • Family leave
  • Sick leave
  • Paid holidays and vacation
  • Reward and incentive pay programs
  • Opportunity to work various shifts
  • Career advancement
  • Excellent retirement program

For additional information, contact the UT Police Recruiting component at (713) 563-2154.

How to Apply for Openings

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The UT Police Department is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, disability or veteran status, except where such distinction is required by law.


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