Regional Care Center in Katy

MD Anderson Cancer Center
Date: February 2012

>> Welcome to M.D. Anderson in Katy, I'm Melanie O'Connor [assumed spelling]. Together we'll explore M.D. Anderson's Katy campus and learn about the people and programs dedicated to making cancer history in the greater Houston community, so let's begin. There's no place like M.D. Anderson, a place where the best and the brightest in cancer care come together to shine even brighter, a place you now find in the heart of the Katy community.
M.D. Anderson in Katy was located at 19770 Kingsland Boulevard. The community location of M.D. Anderson in Katy provides everything you need to achieve the best possible outcome, customized care close to home, a team of cancer experts, and a focus solely on you and your cancer. The decision about where to be treated for cancer is one of the most important you will make.

At M.D. Anderson in Katy, world class cancer care is offered in a comforting community setting keeping you close to family. The cancer care services at M.D. Anderson in Katy are backed by 70 years of experience in cancer treatment, diagnosis, education and research. We know that no two people are exactly alike and no two cancers are exactly alike either, that's why each patient receives a treatment plan tailored to his or her particular needs.

At M.D. Anderson in Katy, the oncologists, surgeons, nurses, radiologists and pharmacists work as a team to diagnose and treat patients according to a customized plan based on their type of cancer. Specially-trained oncology nurses and other members of the care team work together so that each patient receives the best combination of M.D. Anderson's wide range of cancer expertise right here in Katy. Let's explore the variety of advanced treatment options and the services available to patients at M.D. Anderson in Katy.

If you suspect cancer, the Katy campus physicians conduct a thorough evaluation to ensure an accurate and timely diagnosis. Whether you have a lump in your breast or other troubling symptoms services are available to determine if it is cancer, provide treatment and manage your condition. While receiving treatment at the Katy campus, patients will have access to a large range of advanced M.D. Anderson treatment options including surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, clinical trials, on-site pharmacy, pain management and support services.

At M.D. Anderson, we know that the cancer experience includes more than just treating the disease. The Katy campus offers a range of patient support services to help all patients achieve maximum quality of life both during and after the cancer treatment, support services that include nutrition education, social work and physical therapy. To compliment these core services, an onsite navigation team will help guide patients through the referral and treatment process. M.D. Anderson in Katy even offers free parking and flexible appointment scheduling.

Most patients will receive all of their diagnostic tests, treatments and support services at M.D. Anderson in Katy. However, there may be times that our physicians will refer a patient to M.D. Anderson's Texas Medical Center campus for further evaluation or for services unique to that location. At M.D. Anderson in Katy you don't have to search for inspiration. For more than 70 years, breakthroughs in cancer treatment, medicine and research have created a unique culture focused on making cancer history. You find it with each oncologist, surgeon, nurse, radiologist, volunteer and patient you'll meet. A culture that now extends the values of caring, integrity and discovery into the heart of the Katy community.