The Health Adventures Program – Rehabilitation Services

M. D. Anderson Cancer Center
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Date: Spring 2008 Duration: 03:01

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TITLE GRAPHIC: The Health Adventures Program - A Visit to Rehabilitation Services

Lauro Muñoz (Supervisor, Rehab/Occupational Therapy): Really what we do in occupational therapy is we help people get back to doing things that are important to them. We look at what's important to people and help them get back to it after an accident or after they've got some kind of disease or some kind of sickness. 

A lot of our patients that we see in occupational and physical therapy lose … have strokes, or they have brain tumors or tumors that have started somewhere else and have gone to the brain, and they lose the use of their arm and their leg. What you guys are going to experience is trying to use a wheelchair with only one arm and one leg. 

TITLE GRAPHIC: Adventures in Mentoring – Volunteers Tell Their Side

Sharon La Tour (Volunteer/Mentor): I started volunteering with Health Adventures in 2004, and at first I thought it would be just like kind of fun to do it once a month with the kids, but it's turned into so much more. It's a really good opportunity; the kids are, they're very excited; they’re very interested in learning more. It's an opportunity for them to see, to become exposed to things that –   In fifth grade, when I was in fifth grade, I had no idea what happened and what stuff was about and what it was. So this is a great opportunity for them to learn as much as they can.

Osvaldo Gomez (Volunteer/Mentor/Employee): This is completely new so it's opened up an opportunity for them to see hospitals in a very different way. You know, health care in a very different way because their experience with health care is limited to their experiences at home or at school, and they really get a chance to take it to the next level and see beyond a doctor or a nurse and so many other opportunities in the health care industry.

Gina Guidry (Volunteer/Mentor): I think their perspective changes because a lot of them see it from the perspective of the patient, but then they come here and they get an opportunity to see it through the perspective of the health professional, and all the people that we come in contact with who volunteer their time to really instruct and educate the kids have such a positive outlook and are so thrilled to be able to share their profession with these kids. So they come back seeing how positive a role these people play in the lives of patients.

Laurie Elmore (Volunteer/Mentor): I like being with the kids. They come in quiet and real apprehensive and by the time they leave at graduation in May, they're just bubbly, excited; they want to study; they want to become doctors and nurses. It's so amazing to see them grow and just to nurture them and, hopefully, through this program be part of their future.

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Videographer/Editor: Deborah E. Thomas
Conquest Magazine Editor: Eileen Ellig