Patients Talk About... Complementary Therapies and Cancer: Introduction Video Transcript

Patients talk about... Complementary Therapies and Cancer
Time: 1:11

I think in some ways it helps you to feel good about your treatment, and that you are in there fighting the good fight and doing all that you can.

I want to stay in touch with my self, as I know myself to be, a complete person, and not find myself just thinking in terms of myself as a carrier of cancer.

You have to check, you have to try, slowly doing all kind of different things and have doctor help you.

Sometimes they make us draw like flowers, and it makes me feel better.

[Phillip's mom] We've had art, music, exercise... all these in combination have become what has been his family and truly has helped him become a healthy child again.

I just think they all work together, because to me a positive attitude is half the battle of fighting cancer.

Many cancer patients try various complementary therapies to enhance their health and well-being during treatment ... Here are some of their stories...