How do you find more information about clinical trials?

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Date: Fall, 2007 Duration: 02:15

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If you are a patient considering a clinical trial at M. D. Anderson, there is much to learn, before making your decision. There are several ways you can find more informationÖAsk your doctor, call Ask M. D. Anderson, visit the Learning Center, or the M. D. Anderson website under 'Clinical trials'. Often, your doctor will be your first source of information.

Vicki Waldrep:
All of it came from Dr. Eng. They gave me information, and of course I researched. I checked it out. I got on the Internet to see what I could find. Read everything. I inquired with the Physicianís Assistant down in Radiology.

Dr. Richard Theriault:
I know that you can go to our website at M. D. Anderson and click on clinical trials, and you get a search by disease, by doctor or by number. And you can go to federal websites like and search by disease, stage of disease, treatment and within 20 miles, 50 miles, 500 miles and find all the trials available to you.

Your first contact with M. D. Anderson might be through askMDAnderson.

AskMDAnderson is your front door to information about M. D. Anderson services and programs; cancer treatment, clinical trials, how to make an appointment and what makes M. D. Anderson your best choice for cancer care.

While at M. D. Anderson, you can visit The Learning Center, which is a free consumer health library offering up-to-date information about cancer and health-related topics. Staffed by librarians and health education specialists, The Learning Center offers books, pamphlets, DVDs and information on the Internet.

The staff of the Learning Center will help you search for the latest, most up-to-date information. If you find a trial you are interested in, talk to your doctor, or contact the clinical trialís principal investigator or research nurse.

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