Introduction to Radiation Oncology

M. D. Anderson Cancer Center
Date: August 2011

The information contained in this program is not intended to be a substitute for the advice, recommendations, or information provided to you by your healthcare professional. The intent of this information is to educate users and provide a basic understanding of radiation oncology. This software does not encourage the self-management of health problems. Any questions regarding your health status or condition should be immediately directed to your physician.

Where you receive your radiation treatment matters and we recommend that it be within the M.D. Anderson system. Radiation treatments are complex and highly individualized. Their success is dependent on the entire treatment team including an experienced and board certified physicians specializing in Radiation Oncology, state of the art equipment, therapists who operate the treatment machines, certified physicists who perform critically important quality assurance checks and measures, nurses experienced in managing your needs, as well as other significant practitioners. Receiving radiation treatment at M.D. Anderson is as important as surgery and chemotherapy. Please choose M.D. Anderson when radiation is recommended as part of your treatment regimen.

What makes us unique and effective? With unparalleled clinical talent and scientific scholarship, the Division of Radiation Oncology offers superb care to each patient. Radiation Oncology at M.D. Anderson is of the highest quality and consistently focuses on cutting edge techniques, many of which were developed by our own faculty. Here's why patients choose the Division of Radiation Oncology over other centers: Depth of experience, each of our physicians specializes in a cancer type promoting expertise and depth of experience. Whether a cancer is common or rare, requiring straightforward or complex treatment, our physicians are well equipped to manage patients care. Care from leaders, faculty members are leaders in their field because of their commitment to translating clinical and basic research into better patient care. They publish their findings in journals read and relied on by other physicians. Attention from many, each patient's proposed treatment plan is determined in a multidisciplinary conference, then reviewed in a service specific consultation. The conferences at which we review treatment plans ensure that each patient receives the highest quality of care possible.

Recognized by patients, in surveys by independent researchers, 97% of our patients reported overall satisfaction with their treatment. Recognized leaders, we are the only Radiation Oncology Department in the State of Texas designated a full member by the Radiation Therapy Oncology Group, an international organization of scholar physicians who perform research in the field of Radiation Oncology. Flexible scheduling, we afford our patients flexible scheduling to maximize their convenience. Location of prominence, M.D. Anderson is located in the Texas Medical Center, a complex of more than 40 medical institutions including world class hospitals and medical schools. Our Proton Therapy Center is one of only nine such facilities in the United States. Its physician faculty has the most clinical experience using scanning beam technology in the country. For care closer to home, our Regional Care Centers are located in four Greater Houston communities: Bay Area, Katy, Sugar Land, and the Woodlands. We also have an M.D. Anderson based facility in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Istanbul, Turkey. All centers are fully staffed with M.D. Anderson trained physician faculty and staff, latest technologies in the hands of the experts. The division offers cutting edge techniques and clinical trials in the areas such as, intensity-modulated radiation therapy, proton beam radiation therapy, gamma knife radiosurgery, stereotactic body radiation therapy, intraoperative therapy, and brachytherapy. Publication in peer reviewed journals has demonstrated quality improvements when these complex techniques are performed by specialized experts.

For appointments, please call 1-866-423-2129 Main Campus and Regional Care Centers, and 1-866-632-4782 Proton Therapy Center.

Cancer left so many questions. I had done some research as to you know radiation therapy, my cancer, so I had an idea of what to expect, but still, you're still nervous going in you don’t know  exactly the doctor is going to tell you. But once you are in there, you know, they explain things so clearly and make you so comfortable that you know, you trust their decisions.


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