We Need To Repeat Your Mammogram... Video Transcript


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We Need To Repeat Your Mammogram...
Time: 1:43

Robert A. Buckman, M.D., Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor, Behavioral Science
The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center


Dr. Buckman:
Oh Hello. Mrs. Campbell? Oh hello. Dr. Buckman here; I'm just ringing about the - yes - about the mammogram as I said I would. Yes, we do need another x-ray view and another mammogram: a repeat mammogram. The -- no, it's -- there's an area in the mammogram that they couldn't make up their mind absolutely. They couldn't see it clearly enough, define it clearly enough, and they're not absolutely sure whether it's completely normal or not. Yes, it's quite -- that is it is actually routine. We obviously have a lot of areas that are -- and we do yes. And we do need repeats and obviously in a large number of cases the repeat shows nothing at all worrying, but we always do the repeat anyway. It's better. It is; it's better to be safe. Yes.

So what I'm going to do is that somebody from my office is going to call you with a visit for a repeat x-ray and repeat mammogram. Yes. And then I'll see you a couple of days after that when I have the complete result and we can sit down together and go over that. Probably everything is going to be fine, but I still want to do the repeat to be absolutely certain. It's just an area that is not clearly defined: you can't make a clear diagnosis on that x-ray. Okey-doke. That's fine. Somebody from the office will call you, have a repeat x-ray, and then I'll see you afterwards and we'll chat over the results. That's good. Okay Mrs. Campbell. Bye-bye for now.