Action Methods Up Close: Scene 9 Video Transcript

Interpersonal Communication And Relationship Enhancement (I*CARE)
Action Methods Up Close: Scene 9 – Debriefing
MD Anderson Cancer Center
Date: January 2014
Time: 00:39

Scene 9: Debriefing

Facilitator: Good. Reverse roles. OK, so, Dr. Jacobs, what did you learn from this experience?

Dr. Jacobs: I learned that when somebody's angry, and they have a good right to be, first of all, I have to validate that, and I have to tell them that they're completely reasonable for being angry, but I also, one thing I really learned today was that I'm not going to diffuse that anger right away. Sometimes it takes a while, and you have to kind of take some flack for a while. Have to go back and forth. Maybe several times for the patient to finally calm down. It's not going to happen, like, a snap of a finger.


Facilitator: Right.

Action Methods Up Close: Scene 9 - Debriefing (00:39)

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