Tai Chi

M. D. Anderson Cancer Center
Date: June 2008 Duration: 01:36

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Zonghao Zhang , M.S. (translator: Qi X. Wei, M.S.):

As I understand, patients with cancer are generally stressed and anxious, and some may even feel hopeless.

While practicing Tai Chi, you are coordinating the breath, meditation, Qi and body movement to decrease anxiety and stress.

After long-term practice, patients can get to a state of forgetting themselves called Tai Chi Tai. When you are in the state of Tai Chi Tai, you can forget about yourself, and you are totally relaxed.

Practicing Tai Chi for long periods of time can improve patients’ confidence and their quality of life. For this reason, we believe that Tai Chi can benefit cancer patients.

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Videographer/Video Editor: Deborah E. Thomas
Interviewer/CancerWise Editor: Darcy De Leon