Laughter Yoga for Cancer Patients - Video Transcript

M. D. Anderson Cancer Center
Date: Febrary, 2009
Duration: 0 / 01:38

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Stephen Findley:


Laughter yoga is suited for cancer patients because it allows them to release their tension through something that is very basic.

Laughter yoga is an exercise that uses rhythmic clapping, simulated laughter and yoga-like breathing to enhance a person’s well-being.

[With] laughter yoga, you don’t have to have a sense of humor, you don’t have to be witty. When we do the laughter yoga sessions, we tell people: “No talking. Don’t try to make a little, you know, witty comment on the side. Just simply follow the instructor and do the exercises. Even if you do not feel like laughing, if you don’t even have a sense of humor, it doesn’t matter. You could actually do a fake laugh and pretty soon – your body doesn’t know the difference – pretty soon you will begin to spontaneously laugh on your own.”

In a laughter yoga class, you find yourself with other people gently and slowly allowing yourself to be more childlike and to play.

Once you get into it, laughter yoga is a system that gives people permission to choose joy in the midst of whatever they’re going through.

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Videographer/Video Editor: Deborah E. Thomas
Producer: Tomise Martin