Kundalini yoga

M. D. Anderson Cancer Center
Date: September 2008 Duration: 01:51

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TITLE GRAPHIC: Kundalini yoga

Sat Siri Sumler, IKYTA, RYT:

Kundalini yoga is an ancient, as well as a dynamic, form of yoga for awakening the awareness.

…It uses postures, postures with movement, sound – different types of sound, sound that you produce your self, out loud, internal sound, also the use of silence within. It uses music, the sound of the gong, belly laughter.

The primary effect is to awaken the awareness by stimulating the glandular system, working primarily on the pituitary gland, as well as the hypothalamus, the thalamus and then the other glands as well. The glandular system invokes in us our sense of well-being. It gives us health. It affects our emotions, and so it’s a system that works completely in the body, the mind and the being of the person.

Kundalini yoga incorporates various types of breath work, and so people will often feel like they can breathe easier because the practice increases lung capacity. People will comment that it’s really helping them increase their range of motion from limitations they may have post surgeries.

So cancer patients will say after a practice of Kundalini yoga and meditation, ‘this is the first time I felt peace in a long time. When this challenge of cancer hit, or had been presented in my life, that things seem like they’ve become out of control. And now I can do something and feel a result right away. I have more energy. I have more peace. I feel more like myself.’

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Videographer/Video Editor: Deborah E. Thomas
Producer: Darcy De Leon