BY Gillian Kruse

For anyone looking to change careers, questions abound. Am I making the right decision? Will going back to school full-time pay off? What’s my dream job really like day to day?

For MD Anderson employees looking to become physician assistants (PA), the answers are close at hand, because the institution has a team of mentors ready to share their experiences and guide current employees through the PA school application process.

Aspiring physician assistant Nichole Flanagan (left), with her mentor, Allison Horner

BY Mena El-Sharkawi

Even though several of Kelly Andersen’s relatives had faced prostate cancer, his own diagnosis in September 2013 came unexpectedly. He’d never...

BY Kelly Agent

Some people think you can only get breast cancer from your mother’s side of the family. But that’s a myth. Breast cancer can come just as...

BY Mindy Loya

Radiation oncologist Welela Tereffe, M.D., joined MD Anderson in 2005 as an assistant professor and most recently served as the deputy division head for Radiation Oncology. Now she has a new role — chief medical officer. In this role, she educates our health care providers about changes in the health care environment, and what they mean for MD Anderson and our patients.

We interviewed Tereffe recently to find out more: the biggest...

MD Anderson chief medical officer Welela Tereffe, M.D.

BY Mena El-Sharkawi

Six months after Emily Augenstein’s acute myeloid leukemia diagnosis, a doctor in Pittsburgh told her that her allogeneic stem cell transplant...

BY Suzanne Mesa

My life changed forever on the morning of Nov. 6, 2016. I’d felt some pain in my lower back, and decided to go to the emergency room at the...