BY Simone Dobbs

Before my liposarcoma diagnosis in November 2017, I was spending a lot of time at the gym. My focus was on improving my physical strength and overall well-being. But I was also sharing my workouts and recipes on social media, in hopes of inspiring others.

I started noticing that my right thigh looked bigger around September of last year. With all the strength training and conditioning I’d been doing, I just assumed the bulge was...

Soft tissue sarcoma survivor Simone Dobbs

BY MD Anderson staff

Most people don’t look back on their cancer experience with fondness.

But Jacqueline Wallace is not most people.

The 60-year-old...

BY Elizabeth Deligiannis

When I heard that Farrah Fawcett had died of anal cancer in June 2009, I remember saying out loud to myself, “Anal cancer? There is such a...

BY MD Anderson Staff

When it comes to facing cancer, follicular lymphoma survivor Michael Baker says laughter is the best medicine.

Well, actually lenalidomide. And also rituximab.

But laughter is right up there, too.  

It worked for him and it’s the first thing he tells current patients when they ask for advice through myCancerConnection, MD Anderson’s one-on-one cancer support community for patients, caregivers and survivors.

Non-Hodgkin’s B-cell lymphoma survivor Michael Baker

BY Matthew H.G. Katz, M.D.

At MD Anderson, we don’t just practice medicine by the textbook — we are the ones writing those textbooks. That’s why it’s so important for...

BY Mary Kay Dauria

As an 18-year cancer survivor who has been on three clinical trials, I am a big proponent of them – especially at MD Anderson. I joined the...

BY Rose O'Neill

I don’t get sick very often. And no one in my family has ever had cancer, so when I was diagnosed with leukemia in January 2012, I didn’t...

BY Sarah Roder

I used to joke that I came to MD Anderson by mistake, because when I graduated from nursing school, I missed all the deadlines at the other...

BY JMichael Shipman

Before scaling Mt. Kilimanjaro in June 2018, I’d never climbed a real mountain. I live in Beaumont, Texas, which is only around 30 feet above...