BY Scott Merville

When Nancy Pinkston’s melanoma crept back, taking up residence in lymph nodes under her right arm, she and her oncologist in Dallas discussed her options.

Surgery is standard of care for her stage III melanoma. About 70% of patients who have surgery for that stage end up having a relapse.

“My oncologist knew about a clinical trial at MD Anderson that might be a good fit,” Nancy says. “She knew Dr. Hussein Tawbi and contacted...

Cancerwise blog post: Immunotherapy clinical trial supported by MD Anderson's Moon Shots Program helps stage IV melanoma patients.

BY Scott Merville

Five years ago, patients with late-stage melanoma that had spread to other organs had no good treatment options. 

A pair of treatment...

BY Scott Merville

When a massive clinical trial about lung cancer screening shows a benefit to current and former smokers, why can it take so long to become...

BY Scott Merville

For Mike Harris, life is good.

"I'm alive today because of a clinical trial," he says of a Phase I study he entered at MD Anderson four years ago for his myelofibrosis, a rare blood cancer that had no standard treatment at the time.

Last year, he and wife Sandy celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary. They live in Kingwood, north of Houston, near their son's family, and enjoy strong connections to their two...

BY Scott Merville

People with higher levels of folate in their red blood cells were more likely to have two cancer-preventing genes shut down by methylation...