BY Laura Nathan-Garner

Courage. Hope. Love. Faith. Strength. Wisdom. These are a few of the gifts that our cancer survivors shared with us on Cancerwise this past year.

And though each of their stories is unique, every survivor shared his or her experience with us to give hope, light and help to others facing cancer.

Here are 11 of our survivors’ most-read blog posts from this past year. Whether you’re newly diagnosed, in the midst of cancer treatment...

Emily Dumler

BY Kelly Arp

Cancer is not uncommon in my family, but I was still totally unprepared for my own diagnosis.

In June 2015, I was a healthy 43-year-old...

BY Christy Little

In June, Christy Little and her family traveled to MD Anderson from Birmingham, Ala., for treatment for her stepfather. What could have been...