BY MD Anderson

This past year, dozens of MD Anderson patients and survivors shared their cancer journeys with us. In the process, they’ve shared their strength, wisdom and, best of all, hope.

Here are nine of our most-read patients and survivor stories from 2016....

BY Elizabeth York

In 2005, violinist Treesa Gold became concerned when she began experiencing weight gain, hair loss and acne. She saw a doctor, who told her...

BY Amanda Norwig

Charlotte Strecker has overcome adrenal carcinoma five times. She’s had several surgeries, taken oral chemotherapy and steroids for years...

BY Lainie Jones

I had adrenal cancer as an infant in 1985, so the word ‘survivor’ has been part of my vocabulary my whole life. Even though I was too young to remember what I went through, my dream was to help other kids like me by becoming a pediatric oncology nurse.

At age 22, I started to focus on a career in nursing. I also turned into a full-time hypochondriac, which ultimately saved my life. 

Facing cancer as an adult

BY Lainie Jones

On December 12, 2011, two weeks prior to my 25th birthday, I got a present I never wished for: "You have breast cancer."