BY Laura Nathan-Garner

In 2017, dozens of our cancer patients shared the stories of their diagnosis, treatment and life after cancer here on Cancerwise. As they told us about their challenges and fears, they revealed their strength, courage and resilience. And in the process, they each gave us hope.

Here are 10 of our most-read patient stories from 2017.

Ovarian cancer patient thankful for immunotherapy clinical trial
When Cathy Tompkins...

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BY Mena El-Sharkawi

Even when Shannon Long found out that she had an acoustic neuroma, a type of benign brain tumor, her gratitude never wavered.

“I was...

BY India Ogazi and Laura Nathan-Garner

Acoustic neuroma is a benign tumor, which means it isn’t cancerous. It begins in the Schwann cells of the vestibular nerve, which is associated...

BY Paula Johnson

At age 64, one would expect to have some hearing loss, but mine seemed to be failing faster than most.

A year earlier, I had obtained my third-degree black belt and Grand Superior World Champion title in taekwondo, a sport I began participating in during my 40s. As my hearing worsened, I noticed I was having problems with spinning jump kicks, something I could easily do just a year earlier.

I sought help from my...

Taekwondo champion Paula Johnson is back in action after beating acoustic neuroma.

BY Keaton Nye

In summer 2012, I participated in a volleyball game at church camp. At times, I felt slightly lightheaded.

This sensation had been...