BY Jacqueline Mason

It was the real-life scenario physicians and pharmacists had feared.

A woman entered the ICU with a high fever and low white blood cell count.

Urgent laboratory testing revealed she had a bacterial blood infection highly resistant to antibiotics. On top of cancer, she was now also fighting to survive sepsis, a potentially fatal disorder that occurs when the body's immune system kicks in to fight an infection, but instead...

Researchers holding petri dish in hopes of unlocking clues about antibiotics resistance

BY Devon Carter

Your doctor may recommend that you undergo a stem cell transplant if you’ve been diagnosed with a blood cancer, such as leukemia, lymphoma...

BY Amanda Ramirez

In December 2015, my family went to Albuquerque to celebrate Christmas. I had been feeling a bit fatigued, but figured I just needed time...

BY Jacqueline Mason

Infections can be dangerous to a cancer patient coming out of surgery or undergoing chemotherapy or radiation. So can the spread of infections from the community. Think tuberculosis, shingles and the flu.

Our highly specialized Infection Control team is committed to making sure these kinds of germs don't reach our patients.

"A mild infection can turn serious for one of our patients if it's not treated quickly and...

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