BY Lainie Jones

Genetic disorders can be really scary, but learning that I have one probably saved my life. It also led me to my current career. As a fundraiser for a children’s cancer hospital, my work supports research on Li-Fraumeni syndrome, a rare genetic condition that I actually have.

Originally, I was planning to become a pediatric oncology nurse. But my own cancer diagnosis and Li-Fraumeni syndrome took me down a different path. I dropped...

Li-Fraumeni syndrome survivor Lainie Jones with her husband, Joseph

BY Lainie Jones

I had adrenal cancer as an infant in 1985, so the word ‘survivor’ has been part of my vocabulary my whole life. Even though I was too...

BY Lainie Jones

Many girls picture their wedding all the way down to the shoes.

I was never that girl. Yes, I wanted to marry the man of my dreams,...

BY Lainie Jones

On December 12, 2011, two weeks prior to my 25th birthday, I got a present I never wished for: "You have breast cancer."

I'd heard the term cancer before -- after I'd had adrenal cancer as an 18-month-old.

But this time I was all grown up and about to start nursing school.

How my adult cancer journey began

One day I felt a lump on my breast, which led to a doctor's visit. That led...

Lainie Jones