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When Maja Latham’s father was diagnosed with an aggressive form of bladder cancer, she got aggressive, too.

As the “researcher” in her immediate family, Maja had never even heard of bladder cancer until her then 59-year-old father, Andre Stenzel, was diagnosed in 2013. It was only after hours of reading and exploring websites that she learned how many people are impacted by the disease.

According to the National Cancer Institute...

Cancerwise blog post: Daughter of bladder cancer patient leads her father to MD Anderson for bladder cancer treatment

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The MD Anderson Blood Bank is grateful that it has an adequate supply of blood and platelets for our patients for the coming few...

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The last thing on 64-year-old Art Hill's mind while hiking Machu Picchu this fall is the microvascular muscle flap on his scalp.


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MD Anderson is all about new ideas.

For more than 70 years, we've been developing and researching new drugs, combinations, diagnostic tests, techniques and technologies for our patients and others around the world.

But where we draw the line is directly endorsing a company or a company's product or service.

For that reason, you might be a little confused about some buzz regarding a skin care product called Nerium...

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Ask survivors to place a value on a future free from cancer, and they will say it's priceless.

Put the question to a growing number...

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A surprise hospital visit from her childhood baseball hero put Linda Lindquist over the moon.

Just three days after surgery at MD...

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When patients are being prepared for surgery, the last thing on their mind is the risk of a fire in the operating room.

At MD Anderson...