Movement & Exercise

Programs are offered in the Integrative Medicine Center:

Registration is strongly suggested, but not required for some programs. Arrive early if you are participating for the first time, in order to complete the registration process. It's also a good idea to call ahead to reserve your space for class.

For more information, please call 713-794-4700.

Mindful Movement with the Feldenkrais® Method

Through movement, learn how you can improve your capacity to function in your daily life and learn how the whole body cooperates in any movement.

Facilitator: Mary Beth Smith

NIA: Body Energizer

Explore this gentle yet lively restorative movement class. This class incorporates techniques from yoga, tai chi and NIA dance (play). The movements are easy to follow and inspired by a relaxing musical beat.

Facilitator: Carla Warneke


Learn and practice a series of exercises in deep muscle strengthening that improve skeletal alignment and overall flexibility. Comfortable, flexible clothing is required. This class is mat based. (Floor activity is involved.)

Facilitator: Sarah Mifsud


Experience this ancient Chinese system of self care using meditation, breath, and movement to balance the body's energy flow. 

Facilitator: Charley McBride

Tai Chi

Enter a soft and gentle exercise of the mind and body through mindful awareness and continuous fluid movement.

Facilitator: Charley McBride

Yoga (Hatha)

Stretch your mind as well as your body by learning the postures, breathing exercises and meditation which comprise the practice of yoga.

Facilitator: Jennifer Buergermeister

Kundalini Meditation for Symptom Management

Learn to use various combinations of breath work, sound, and meditative focus to alleviate specific symptoms.

Facilitator: Sat Siri Sumler, R.M.T..

Yoga/Nia: Body Energizer

Warm up with a playful musical beat in this gentle, yet lively, half hour of guided movement that is adaptable and safe for any fitness level. Then stretch out, focus and become centered using yoga postures and breathing techniques. You should leave this class feeling energized and relaxed.

Facilitator: Carla Warneke