Suspicion of Cancer Program

MD Anderson's Suspicion of Cancer Program emphasizes risk assessment and early detection of cancer. The program focuses on detection of disease at an earlier and more curable stage by providing timely and accurate cancer diagnosis and aggressive treatment.

We have an outstanding staff of physicians, nurses and other professionals. Our patient care is research driven, so we offer innovated therapies not available elsewhere. A partial list of services provided include:

  • Advanced diagnostic testing for an accurate diagnosis
  • Evaluation of patients referred by their physicians due to cancer symptoms
  • Diagnosis of self-referred patients who have been told they have a possible cancer diagnosis
  • Clinical trials offering new treatment opportunities for difficult or aggressive tumors

Our specialists work closely with other departments to provide the best and most recent developments in cancer treatment for our patients. 

Patients with cancer diagnosis have the option of receiving treatment at MD Anderson Cancer Center, or returning to their referring physicians, or oncologist of choice. MD Anderson utilizes the combined compassion, skills and talent of its forces to battle cancer and to make a difference in the lives of our patients.