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plumeria bloomsIn a continuing effort to provide the latest information on complementary and integrative medicine for cancer patients, caregivers, health care professionals and students, we offer a large selection of online audios and videos. 

These recordings, produced in collaboration with UT Television, include information on a wide range of complementary therapies, demonstrations, and interviews with physicians and patients presented by the Integrative Medicine Program. 

In addition we offer lecture series videos with expert speakers from around the world presenting state-of-the-art research and clinical programs in the area of integrative medicine. 

Please note: These materials are being made available for educational and informational purposes only. No endorsement of any company or its products is intended.



Day of Wellness - September 28

Guided Meditation and Movement (5:51)

Please use this as a 5-minute resource outlining the importance of wellness, followed by a guided meditation and movement exercise. 


About Integrative Medicine

Experts in cancer care discuss the use of complementary/integrative therapies among cancer patients.

Evidence-based Integrative Medicine - lecture (58:54)

Complementary and Alternative Medicine (5:04)

Why Patients Use CAM (03:32)

From Alternative to Complementary to Integrative (02:36)

Why Aren't They Telling Their Doctors? (01:52)

About Complementary Therapies (04:06)

Getting Better Information (04:59)

Cancer Patients and CAM (05:45)

Talking with Patients: Physicians Discuss (33:10)

A Message for Patients (03:21)

Complementary Therapies: What you must ask, and why (20:00)



Effects of Acupuncture on Cerebro-Cerebellar Activity by fMRI - lecture (57:04)


Cancer Prevention

It's Better to Prevent Cancer than to Treat it: Some Studies on Cancer Prevention - lecture (56:48)

Out of Africa: Inflammation, Traditional Medicine and the Chemoprevention of Colon Cancer - lecture (48:12)



Chemobrain: Is it Real? (09:12)


En Español

Prácticas Mente - Cuerpo


Meditación guiada - Conectándonos con el corazón - (versión larga)

Meditación guiada - Conectándonos con el corazón - (versión corta)

Técnica de Respiración Profunda (07:52)

Visualización Guiada – Playa (05:37)

 Visualización Guiada – Bosque (06:06)

Visualización Guiada – Lago (05:41)


Exercise & Movement

Physical Activity in Cancer Survivors - lecture (57:44)

Get Moving - Have fun with NIA (01:57)


Legal Aspects of CAM

Integrative Medicine: Can It Be Legally Defensible, Ethically Appropriate and Clinically Responsible? - lecture (60:00)



Introduction to Tibetan meditation:

What is Tibetan Meditation and how it can Benefit Daily Life? (1:44)

Breath and Sound in Tibetan Meditation (2:40)

Tibetan Yoga - Meditation in Movement (01:22)


Meditation Practices:


Tibetan Meditation - Connect with the Heart (25:53)

Tibetan Meditation - Sacred Sounds (25:53)



Guided Meditation - Connect with the Heart - (long version)
Guided Meditation - Connect with the Heart - (short version)


Meditation Pills - short daily meditations by Alejandro Chaoul, Ph.D.:


Sound Ahh

Sound Ohmm

Sound Hoong

All Three Sounds

Tune-up Three Sounds

Meditation Sounds

Tune-up Movement


Meditation Breathing



Mind-Body Practices

The Importance of Mind-Body Medicine in Cancer Care - Key Note Lecture, SIO 2012 - lecture (44:31)

Mind-Body Practices Good for Cancer Patients (01:04)

Laughter is good therapy (01:35)

Deep Relaxation Technique - Yoga Nidra - by Smitha Mallaiah (8:35)

Into the Garden - Relaxation for healthy living - by Debra Sivesand (19:55)

Deep Breathing Technique (07:13)    (en Español) (07:52)

Guided Imagery - Beach (05:00)    (en Español) (05:37)

Guided Imagery - Forest (05:38)    (en Español) (06:06)

Guided Imagery - Lake (05:58)    (en Español) (05:41)


Music Therapy

Music Therapy for the Cancer Patient - lecture (61:53)

Music Therapy Inspires Cancer Patients (01:35)


Music for Imagery & Relaxation:

Relaxation Technique with Synthesized Music Listen I Download

Synthesized Music Listen I Download

Music and Relaxation for Children Listen I Download

Morning Mist: Harp Listen I Download

Bear’s Lullaby: Harp and Cello Listen I Download

Summer Breeze: Harp and Cello Listen I Download


Natural Supplements

Natural Supplements in Cancer Care: Help or Harm? A Clinical Perspective - lecture (55:19)

Nutraceutical Science or Nutraceutical Nonsense? A Pharmacologist's Perspective - lecture (62:47)

Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators Derived from Botanical Compounds and Antineoplastic Botanicals: From Clinic to Bench and Back - lecture (63:49)


Nutrition and Cancer Treatment

Diet & Cancer: The Fourth Paradigm - lecture (65:35)

Integration and Translation of Nutritional Science into Cancer Prevention Practice - lecture (62:15)

Nutrition and Cancer (17:34)

A Food-based approach to the prevention of G.I. tract cancers - lecture (62:16)


Patient Stories

Introduction (1:11)

Jan's Story (2:18)

Roy's Story (2:21)

Gitka's Story (2:38)

Phillip's Story (2:44)

Roxanna's Story (2:42)


Oncology Massage

In these demonstrations of massage, Sat Siri Sumler, R.M.T., explains when it's safe to massage a person who has cancer and how to massage correctly with gentle, slow strokes, as well as when massage should not be used and which parts of the body that should not be massaged.

Oncology Massage of the Back in the Hospital Setting (08:44)

Oncology Massage of the Extremities in the Hospital Setting (13:57)

Oncology Massage of the Head, Neck, Shoulders and Upper Back in the Hospital Setting (10:25)



Engaging Spiritual Wisdom in Cancer Care: The Patient, the Physician, the Community - lecture (56:49)


Stress & Cancer

Influence of Biobehavioral Factors on Tumor Biology: Pathway and Mechanisms - lecture (48:47)



What is Yoga and how it can benefit cancer patients:

Kundalini Yoga (01:55)

Hatha Yoga (01:53)



Yoga: Gentle Bed Exercises (19:20)

Yoga: Gentle Breathing (14:41)

Yoga: Gentle Chair Exercise (26:31)

Yoga Nidra - Deep Relaxation Technique (8:35)


Acupuncture, Exercise and Physical Activity, Health Psychology, Meditation
Music Therapy, Nutrition, Oncology Massage, Physician consultation

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