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Integrative Oncology Physician Consultation

Dr. Gabriel Lopez, M.D., will provide guidance on a comprehensive and integrative approach to your cancer care, including the risks and benefits of using herbs and supplements, acupuncture, oncology massage, meditation and other non-conventional therapies.

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Our Integrative Medicine Center uses an evidence-based approach to understanding and applying acupuncture appropriately. Our acupuncturists are nationally board certified, licensed in the state of Texas, and highly experienced in treating oncology patients.

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Exercise and Physical Activity Consultation

At the MD Anderson Integrative Medicine Center, a Senior Physical Therapist will evaluate your current fitness level and work with you to develop a specific exercise plan that is safe and appropriate for your needs.

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Health Psychology

There are many different types of interventions, including cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, motivational interviewing, and other mind-body practices. After receiving an assessment, the patient and psychologist will work together to determine the treatment plan.   

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Research shows that meditative practices can lower cortisol levels, decrease blood pressure, bring balance to the immune system and positively modify gene expression. The Integrative Medicine Center offers individual meditation consultation and group classes, where you will be taught techniques that you can practice in everyday life.

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Music Therapy

MD Anderson's Integrative Medicine Center provides music therapy for children and adult inpatients, outpatients and their families. No previous musical experience is required.

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Nutrition Consultation

Nutrition counseling and education is provided by a registered, licensed dietitian with advanced certification in oncology nutrition. Education emphasizes optimal health during and after cancer treatment by following a plant-based, whole foods diet.

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Oncology Massage

Patients who receive cancer care, from those in active treatment to those in recovery or survivorship, as well as those at the end of life, are best served by a massage therapist who has received special training in oncology massage.

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Inpatient Services

Our physicians and advanced practice providers can give guidance on achieving a comprehensive and integrative approach to cancer care. If you are interested in having an Integrative Oncology consultation at the bedside, please request your inpatient team to write an order. This service is billed to your insurance.

After the consultation, our medical team may then make referrals to our integrative services based on needs, such as:

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The Integrative Medicine Center and its services are available to all current MD Anderson patients.

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Integrative Medicine Center - Reviews of Therapies

Do you have questions about your supplements, herbs, vitamins or other complementary therapies? Please check their indications as well as side effects here.

Remember to talk to your physicians about any therapies you use to provide them with a complete picture of how you manage your health.

FIM Evening Events


"Mindfulness Meditation: How Mental Training can Re-Wire the Brain for a Healthy Mind and Body"

David Vago, Ph.D.
Associate Psychologist in the Functional Neuroimaging Laboratory, Brigham and Women's Hospital and instructor at Harvard Medical School, Department of Psychiatry, Boston

Feb 15, 2016, 6:30 - 7:30 pm 

Event Open to the Public

See flyer for detalis

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