Lorene Nouri, Wilms' Tumor

Lorene Nouri is confident that there’s a big plan out there for her.

Treated for a Wilm’s tumor in 1966 when she was only 3, Lorene had her left kidney removed after receiving radiation to decrease the tumor, followed by chemotherapy.

“I feel so lucky to just be around,” says this three-time cancer survivor. “Even though things happen that aren’t always the best, I know there’s a reason for everything.”

In the meantime, however, Lorene’s children are her main support system and pick her up when things are down. In fact, the Houstonian feels that part of her luck is just having Arman, age 15, and Ethan, age 12 — because she was unsure if she would be able to have children.

For Lorene, life was good with a brand new baby at home when a second cancer was discovered in 1990. This time it was pancreatic cancer. She had a section of her pancreas and her spleen removed and, although the surgery made for a difficult recovery, no additional treatment was required.

Coming back yearly to MD Anderson for follow-up tests paid off in 2001 when renal cell carcinoma, a form of kidney cancer, was discovered. She had three malignant tumors removed. Caught early, Lorene returned quickly to her cost accounting job and caring for her family.

These days her boys’ activities make free time scarce so an occasional movie, a workout or dinner out can be a treat. “Who knows what will be going on next year,” she says. “I’m just glad to be here today.”

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