Fulfill our wish list

Each year, hundreds of patients from the Children's Cancer Hospital participate in a variety of programs such as the in-hospital school, camp, Arts in Medicine, Child Life events, field trips and more. You can help the Children's Cancer Hospital by donating new items and supplies for patients to use during their stay. If you prefer to donate money instead, you'll find some examples below of what your money can go toward to purchase items for our patients. The Children's Cancer Hospital thanks you for your generosity!

Due to the health status of our patients, all donated items must be new. To make a donation, please contact Quinn Franklin at 713-745-0445, qfranklin@mdanderson.org. 

Our wish list

Art class at the Children's Cancer HospitalChild Life Program

Download our wish list (PDF)

Craft Supplies

• Beads (pony, glass, jewelry making)
• Stickers and sticker scenes
• Yarn and string
• Color Wonder products
• Construction paper
• Crayola colored pencils  
• Crayola crayons (washable)
• Crayola markers (washable)
• Fabric markers
• Fabric activities - bags, pillowcases, hats
• Glitter pens
• Paint pens
• Play-Doh and accessories
• Pre-packaged craft kits
• Scrapbook kits
• Journals and writing supplies
• Watercolor paints

Larger Items

• Train table for playroom
• Billiards table for Teen Room
• Xbox 360 system with Kinect
• Wooden play kitchen for playroom
• Laptops

Toys and Gifts

• Fisher-Price Little People play sets
• Trains, especially Thomas the Train
• GeoTrax cars and accessories
• Fisher-Price Imaginext play sets
• Fisher-Price medical play kits
• Action figures (esp. super heroes)
• Transformers
• K’nex and Lego sets
• Magna Doodle/Magna Doodle Pro
• Matchbox cars
• Princess dolls and figurines
• Toddler toys (especially with lights and sounds)
• Puzzles (esp. 24-48 piece)
• Video games for Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, DS
• New releases and recent DVDs
• $10 - $20 gift cards for iTunes, Target, GameStop, Best Buy, etc.
• Baby dolls (all plastic)
• Dora/Diego toys
• Word search, crossword puzzle books (small / large print)
• Board games (all ages)
• Uno and playing cards

Distance learning in the in-hospital schoolEducation and Creative Arts Program
  • Items for $25

    • Bookstore and book fair purchases
    • Basic school supply kit for elementary school patient
    • Backpack/book bag
    • Downloadable books and magazines for electronic readers
    • Audio books to accompany printed books (for visually impaired)
    • Magnifiers (for visually impaired)
    • Tape recorder
  • Items for $50 

    • Basic school supply kit for middle and/or high school patient
    • Computer software for classroom computers and mobile laptops
    • Monthly subscription to magazines and newspapers
  • Items for $100 

    • One hour of creative writing for patients
    • One hour of hands on science experiments for patients
    • One hour of recreational therapy and physical education for patients
    • Ink pen with built-in recording device (Smart Pen/Livescribe)
    • Special paper for use with Smart Pen/Livescribe
    • Graphing calculator
  • Items for $250 

    • Textbooks and resources for pre-school programming
    • Textbooks and resources for English as a Second Language (ESL) programming
    • Web camera and mobile cart
    • Electronic reader
  • Items for $500 

    • Laptop
    • iPad device
    • Technology programming packages
    • Distance learning opportunitiesCamp A.O.K.
Summer Camps 
  • Sponsor a teen for Camp A.O.K. - $2,000
  • Sponsor a child for Camp Star Trails - $1,000
  • Tennis rackets - $30 each
  • Eight containers of tennis balls- $11 each
  • Basketballs - $13 each
  • Zebco 33 fishing reels - $30 each