Eating Healthy...
    it's not all that and a bag of chips

Chicken nuggets, fries and pizza top the list of favorite foods for most kids. As adults, we know that eating such a diet high in fat and sugar can cause long-term damage to our bodies. Studies have linked obesity to an increased risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes, and it has become a growing concern in America.

Like the healthy public, more than one-third of childhood cancer survivors are overweight or obese. Many attribute this to issues related to therapy received as a patient, bad eating habits adopted during treatment, and a general lack of exercise. 

Childhood cancer survivors are already at a higher risk of developing heart disease, diabetes and secondary cancers, so proper nutrition can play a large role in reducing these risks. Likewise, healthy families who adopt a nutritious, balanced diet can help reduce their child's risk of getting cancer or other health conditions as an adult. 

ON (Optimizing Nutrition) to Life Program

The ON to Life Program at MD Anderson Children's Cancer Hospital is a multidisciplinary program that serves to promote healthy eating habits in pediatric patients and survivors by combining education, behavioral sciences and innovative laboratory research. 

The best way to ensure a child maintains proper nutrition into adulthood is to begin instilling those proper behaviors at an early age. Nutritionists, educators and health care teams work together with families to assist them with implementing better nutrition within their daily life. 

@The Table Cookbook

@TheTable homepageGetting kids to eat healthy is not always easy. That's why we created the @TheTable Cookbook - an online, mobile-enhanced database of healthy, family-friendly recipes. 

@TheTable recipes have been vetted by nutritionists at the hospital and taste-tested by local families. 

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