Emily Garcia, Osteosarcoma

Emily Garcia travels through life at high speed. She was a dancer and an athlete before cancer put up a roadblock for her — in fact, her osteosarcoma was discovered during basketball tryouts.

Emily’s treatment included an amputation, but this hardly slowed her pace. Two months after the amputation, she climbed a big tower and sped down a zip line at Camp Star Trails, one of the pediatric summer camps funded by the Children’s Art Project. Emily has also conquered the mountains, learning to ski with other pediatric amputees on the annual pediatric rehabilitation ski trip.

Having a sense of humor is an important part of dealing with cancer and Emily made full use of it while undergoing treatment. Her list of “10 Good Things About Having Cancer” included never having to brush your hair (because you don’t have any) and not wasting money on shampoo.

Emily's interests include music (she plays the piano and guitar and joins other musical members of her family to entertain at home), artistic skills (several pieces of her artwork have been included in Children’s Art Project collections) and a true love for animals.

She also loves to ride roller coasters these days. Though she used to be afraid of them, she says they aren’t scary anymore. Cancer is the scariest thing that could happen and she’s faced that demon down.

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