Blake Boudreaux, Eye Cancer

Cancer struck Blake Boudreaux early in life. In 1985 at the age of one, his left eye was removed, and at three, tumors appeared in his right eye. None of this kept him from being a typical teenager who played football at Deer Park High School and dreams of becoming a radio disc jockey. "During my cancer treatments, my parents treated me as a normal kid," he says. "They didn’t want me to feel different from anyone else."

Blake adjusted so well that his teachers and friends don’t even notice his limited eyesight. He also isn’t shy about talking with friends about cancer. "I share my story with every new friend I make, if they’re interested," he says. Blake even helped a friend who thought he had kidney cancer and was refusing treatment. "I told him that you can beat cancer, no matter what, and that I was living proof."

Blake raises money for the American Cancer Society every year, and hopes to enroll at the University of Texas in Austin or San Antonio. "Because I survived cancer, I feel like I can accomplish anything."

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