Sexual Health Clinic

Cancer treatment can cause physical and emotional changes that negatively affect a woman’s sex life. Common problems after cancer treatment include a lack of interest in sex, problems with sexual arousal and orgasm, and pain during sex. Women in their childbearing years may be distressed by infertility or related concerns about parenthood after cancer.

The Women’s Integrated Sexual Health (WISH) program offers comprehensive care for female patients whose sexual and reproductive health have been affected by cancer. Services include:

  • Sexuality education and counseling
  • Medical evaluation of sexual problems
  • Education and counseling about fertility and parenthood after cancer treatment
  • Short-term psychotherapy for problems related to sexual and reproductive health
  • Opportunities to become involved in research studies


Services provided by this program are for MD Anderson patients only and require a referral from an MD Anderson physician. To schedule a consultation, contact your provider. 

For general information and questions about the program, call 713-745-4466.


Talk to Your Doctor About Sexual Health

Questions about sexual health may be difficult to bring up, but keep in mind that these concerns are very common. Your health care team is willing to help. Here are some suggestions for talking to your health care provider about sexual health:

  • Identify your main questions and concerns and write them down prior to your appointment.
  • At the beginning of your visit, mention that you have a few extra questions.
  • Be specific. For instance, “I’m having a lot of trouble with my sex life” is not very specific and may not help you get the answers you need. An example of a better question is, “Since my treatment, I’ve have a sharp pain almost every time I have intercourse – what can I do about this?”
  • If your provider is not able to address your concerns, ask for a referral.

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New Patients

Appointments are available in the Gynecologic Oncology Center for cancer diagnosis, treatment and screening.


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  • Clinical Cancer Genetics Program 
  • Blanton-Davis Ovarian Cancer Research Program
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