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Cancer Information


Learn facts about cancer, its symptoms, risk factors and more. From basic information to innovative cancer therapies, including tips for making treatment decisions and helpful links to resources within MD Anderson you’ll find answers to your questions about cancer here.

Cancer Types

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  • Community Services Overview

    Learn more about the services that MD Anderson provides to the community.

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  • MD Anderson Speakers

    Request an MD Anderson speaker to give a presentation on a variety of cancer topics including ways to reduce your cancer risks.

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  • MD Anderson Exhibits

    Submit a request to have MD Anderson set up an exhibit at your health fair or event.  Exhibits include educational publications and an MD Anderson employee who can answer attendees' questions.

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  • MD Anderson Brochures

    Order MD Anderson brochures on cancer prevention, screening and risk-reduction topics to distribute to your organization. 

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  • Tobacco Awareness Puppet Show

    MD Anderson offers a free tobacco awareness program using puppets to help motivate children in kindergarten to fourth grade to stay tobacco free.

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  • Prevention Programs

    At MD Anderson, we don’t just explore better ways to treat cancer — we want to understand how to prevent it too. By participating in a prevention study, you can help researchers learn more about the causes of cancer and how to avoid them.

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Cancer Topics

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are research studies that test new cancer drugs, diagnostic procedures and therapies on humans.

Find out how a clinical trial might help you

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Cancer Glossary

Look up cancer-related terms.