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Inflammatory Breast Cancer Prevention and Screening

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Inflammatory Breast Cancer Screening

Cancer screening exams are important medical tests done when you’re at risk but don’t have symptoms. They help find cancer at its earliest stage, when the chances for successful treatment are best.

Unfortunately, no standard screening tests have been shown to improve inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) outcomes. One of the best ways to find IBC early is to be aware of your breasts so you will notice any changes.

Inflammatory Breast Cancer Risk Factors

Anything that increases your chance of getting cancer is a risk factor. Although the precise causes of inflammatory breast cancer have not yet been found, research has shown that certain factors may increase your risk. These include:

  • Ancestors from North Africa
  • Family history of breast cancer. A definite genetic risk for IBC has not been found, but genetic changes that increase risk for other types of cancer also may increase the risk of IBC
  • Obesity

Not everyone with risk factors gets inflammatory breast cancer. However, if you have risk factors, it’s a good idea to discuss them with your doctor.

Inflammatory Breast Cancer Prevention

Research shows that many cancers can be prevented. Visit the Prevention section of our website to find out steps you can take to avoid cancer.

Why Choose MD Anderson?

  • First – and largest – comprehensive inflammatory breast cancer program in the world
  • Innovative IBC treatment options include targeted therapies
  • Surgeons, medical oncologists, and radiation oncologists who specialize in treating IBC
  • Personalized team approach to inflammatory breast cancer
  • Advanced diagnostic equipment
  • Active research program offers clinical trials

Inflammatory Breast Cancer Knowledge Center

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Treatment at MD Anderson

Inflammatory breast cancer is treated in a special IBC Clinic at our Nellie B. Connally Breast Center.

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