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Childhood Melanoma

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Our Approach

Each child is unique; each case of pediatric melanoma is unique. That’s why MD Anderson’s Children’s Cancer Center takes an approach that focuses intensely on your child and your child’s care. We customize each child’s treatment plan on their specific cancer, drawing from an array of the most-advanced treatments and technologies.

From the day your child arrives at Children’s Cancer Hospital, a team of highly specialized physicians and other health care professionals provides individualized care. This group follows your child closely throughout treatment, ensuring a personalized approach. They communicate frequently with each other and with your family.

This team includes some of the nation’s top experts in oncology, oncology surgery, radiation therapy, pathology and other disciplines. They are supported by specialized nurses, therapists and others to ensure your child receives the best possible care.

Pediatric Melanoma Expertise

Melanoma is rare in children and can be challenging to diagnose because it can present differently than in adults. Though melanoma may grow faster in children, they sometimes fare better than adults with the disease. If melanoma is caught early, most children do not require treatment beyond surgery.

Because melanoma in children is rare, it’s important to take your child to a comprehensive cancer center with a specialized program that treats pediatric melanoma. As part of one of the nation’s most active cancer centers, we see a larger number of pediatric melanoma patients than almost any facility in the United States. This gives us a remarkable level of experience and expertise.

Everything for Children

Children’s Cancer Hospital is focused on children, with a full range of services and amenities that help make the child and family’s experience as comfortable as possible. We go beyond medical care to deliver a comprehensive experience that treats the whole child.

And at Children’s Cancer Hospital, you’re surrounded by the strength of one of the nation’s top cancer centers.

If your child has been diagnosed with melanoma, we’re here to help. Call 1-877-632-6789 to make an appointment or request an appointment online.

Why Choose MD Anderson?

  • Leading-edge expertise, technology for pediatric melanoma diagnosis and treatment
  • Customized team approach offers best chance for successful treatment of pediatric melanoma
  • Highly skilled, specialized surgeons
  • Range of clinical trials of innovative treatments for pediatric melanoma
  • Family-centered care, comprehensive support services

Childhood Melanoma Knowledge Center

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Treatment at MD Anderson

Childhood melanoma is treated in our:

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Pediatric Melanoma Facts

Melanoma is a skin cancer. It begins in the melanocytes, which are the cells that give skin its pigment, or color. Although melanoma is rare in children, it is the most common pediatric skin cancer.

According to the National Cancer Institute, about 500 children are diagnosed with pediatric melanoma each year. This accounts for about 2% of childhood cancers.

Melanoma is occasionally found in newborns. Melanoma becomes more common as children get older, and it accounts for about 8% of cancers in teens.

Pediatric melanoma is becoming more common, especially in teenage girls. Research shows that sun exposure and tanning beds increase risk.

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