Food and Cancer

You can reduce your chances of developing cancer and chronic diseases by making healthier food choices. In fact, a diet rich in plant foods, whole grains and legumes can give your body the range of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants it needs to stay healthy. Plus, eating a variety of healthy foods can help prevent weight gain and lower body fat. 

Read our experts’ advice and tips, and use our tools to help you make healthier food choices.

 Protein 101

Healthy lunch ideas for kids 

Portion sizes and your cancer risk

Protect your health with the right dietary fat

Probiotics: Healthy bacteria for your gut

Sugar and cancer: What's the link?

Caffeine: Health perks and pitfalls

Resolve to lose weight to avoid cancer

15 Holiday baking substitutes

Healthy serving sizes for your Thanksgiving dinner

Diet soda and cancer: What you should know

Food and cancer: 8 truths to help lower your risk 

7 foods that may lower women’s cancer risk

Barbecue and cancer: Make a healthy plate

Herbal supplements: Health or hype

Inflammation and cancer: Why your diet is important

Should you juice your fruits and vegetables?

Bacteria and cancer: Feeding your microbiome

Food for thought: A diet review

How to cut holiday calories

Alcohol and cancer: Know your risk

Apples and pumpkins: Tips to pick store and prepare

Do GMOs cause cancer?

Organic foods: A healthier option to avoid cancer?

Restaurant foods: How to decode the menu

Men: 7 cancer-fighting foods

Do soy foods increase your cancer risk?

Does cancer love sugar?

Vitamins supplements: Do they prevent cancer?

5 foods that fight cancer

Eat fiber, fight cancer

Whole grains: Weed out imposter ingredients

Ripe berries for the picking

Vegetables: Foods your kids can love

Red wine: Drink up to take down cancer? 

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Thanksgiving serving size cheat sheet

Your healthy snack guide 

How to make a salad to help prevent cancer

41 cancer-fighting foods for your grocery list

Healthy Bites food guide


Fresh stuffed peppers

Green juice

Peach blueberry crisp

Brussels sprouts and apples

Kale chips

Sweet potato burgers

Flavored water


Eat more fruits and veggies 

Dining out less

Drink less alcohol 

Eat less salt

Eat plant-based protein

Avoid processed meats

Eat less red meat

Make MyPlate your plate

Eat more whole grains

Eat breakfast daily

Eat healthy foods every 5-6 hours

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