MyPlate: Easy-to-make recipes

Focused on Health - April 2013

These recipes are part of the Healthy Bites MyPlate guide, developed to help you eat healthy foods and lower your cancer risks!

Green Asparagus Salad Recipe

health recipesThis salad is a quick dish with all the colors of the rainbow. Eating fruits and vegetables from a variety of color families can help ensure your body gets a healthy dose of cancer-fighting nutrients.

Mediterranean Spinach and Cannellini Beans Recipe

Beans and legumes are a great way to add plant proteins to your diet. And, a diet rich in plant-based foods can help reduce your risk for cancer.

Fig and Balsamic Chicken Recipe

This dish is sweet, savory, fast and easy! Plus, baking or grilling your meats, instead of frying, can help reduce calories and fat in your diet to help you maintain a healthy weight.

Fruit Kabobs Recipe

Try these kid-friendly fruit kabobs. They’re a fun and flavorful way to sneak in extra vitamins and minerals.

Mini Fat-free Fruit Tarts Recipe

Made with Greek yogurt and blueberries, you won’t believe these treats are fat-free. And, the blueberries are packed with antioxidants, which may reduce your risk for certain types of cancers.


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