Healthy Bites

Focused on Health - January 2014

apple healthy dietDo you want to make healthier food choices? Good for you! Eating the right foods and staying lean can help reduce your chances of cancer and other diseases.

But maintaining a healthy diet is often easier said than done. That’s why 
MD Anderson developed Healthy Bites, a step-by-step nutrition guide.

Make small diet changes

The Healthy Bites guide challenges you to change your diet by focusing on small steps. It’s these small steps that can lead to larger, more impactful behavior change.

Below are the 12 nutrition changes you can make to improve your diet.

Get extra support

Each Healthy Bites nutrition recommendation includes helpful handouts, food journals, healthy recipes and expert tips. Need more motivation? Read and watch stories from people who’ve already made these healthy changes. They’ll share the benefits they’ve enjoyed because of their diet change along with obstacles faced and advice for success.

You don’t have to make these changes all at once. Improving your diet is easier if you do it one step at a time.

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