Food Plate Worksheets for African American, Hispanic and Vietnamese Populations

Focused on Health - April 2012


As part of National Minority Cancer Awareness Week during April 15 to 21, MD Anderson has developed a series of food plate worksheets that focus on nutrition and cancer prevention for African American, Hispanic and Vietnamese audiences.

These resources are available online for public use. MD Anderson, in conjunction with the Houston-based African American, Asian American and Hispanic Health Coalitions, actively promote eating meals high in fruits and vegetables. They also encourage other health institutions and organizations to share these food plates with the communities they serve.

Each food plate includes a list of culturally-appropriate, cancer-fighting food options with serving size recommendations and a healthy recipe to educate communities on the importance of diet and cancer risk reduction.

African American Food Plate

food plate africanamerican

Hispanic Food Plate

food plate  hispanic

Vietnamese Food Plate

food plate vietnamese