43 Apps to help prevent cancer

Focused on Health - February 2014

cancer prevention appsFrom smartphone apps to interactive websites, plenty of tools exist to help you lead a healthier life. Here are some to get you started — at home and on the go. Many are free, but additional features may cost.  

Exercise Apps

  1. Exercise Counts Calculator (American Cancer Society): Web
  2. Endomondo Sports Tracker (fitness tracker): Web / iPhone / Android / Blackberry / Windows Phone
  3. Fitbit (activity and sleep tracker): Web / iPhone / Android
  4. Loops (Livestrong): Web
  5. MapMyFitness (fitness tracker): Web / iPhone / Android / Blackberry (See also: MapMyRun, MapMyRide, MapMyWalk, MapMyHike)
  6. MyStart! Walking Paths and Tracker (American Heart Association): Web / iOS
  7. Nexercise (workout game): Web/ iPhone / Android
  8. Runtastic PRO (run tracker): Web / iOS / Android / Windows Phone (See also: Runtastic Six Pack Abs)
  9. Target Heart Rate Calculator (American Cancer Society): Web
  10. Zombies, Run! (running game): Web / iPhone /Android  

Nutrition Apps

  1. Calorie Counter (American Cancer Society): Web
  2. Calorie Tracker (Livestrong): Web / iOS / Android / Windows Phone
  3. Calorie Counter: diets & activities (calories, water and fitness tracker): iOS (See also: Calories Counter Plus: diets and activities)
  4. Calories Count (calorie counter and activity tracker): Web / iOS / Android / Web / iPhone / Android
  5. Lose It! (calorie counter for weight loss): Web / iOS / Android / Kindle / Nook
  6. Fatsecret (calorie counter and diet and fitness tracker): Web / iPhone / Android
  7. Meal makeover (healthy recipes): Web / iOS
  8. MyFitnessPal (calorie counter and diet tracker): Web / iOS / Android / Windows Phone   
  9. Restaurant Nutrition (restaurant nutrition information): iPhone / Android
  10. SuperTracker (U.S. Department of Agriculture): Web (Includes: Food-A-Pedia, Food Plans and Tracker, Physical Activity Tracker and My Weight Manager) 
  11. Virtual Dietitian (American Cancer Society): Web

Quit Smoking Apps

  1. ASPIRE (MD Anderson): Web
  2. Cigarette Calculator (American Cancer Society): Web
  3. Freedom From Smoking® (American Lung Association): Web
  4. MyQuit Coach (Livestrong): iPhone
  5. QuitMedKit (MD Anderson): iPhone
  6. SmokefreeTXT (National Cancer Institute): Text messaging
  7. Smokefree Apps (National Cancer Institute): QuitSTART / NCI QuitPal / QuitGuide
  8. Smoking Cost Calculator (American Cancer Society): Web
  9. Tobacco Free Teens (MD Anderson): iPhone

Sun-Safety Apps

  1. UV Index (Environmental Protection Agency): Web / iPhone / Android / Blackberry

Kids Apps

  1. Apps for Healthy Kids (U.S. Department of Agriculture): Web  

General Health Information Apps

  1. CDC Health Tips (Centers for Disease Control): Text messaging
  2. MD Anderson Mobile (MD Anderson): iPhone

Risk Assessment Tools

  1. Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Tool (National Cancer Institute): Web / Mobile
  2. Cancer Risk Check (MD Anderson): Web
  3. Colorectal Risk Assessment Tool (National Cancer Institute): Web
  4. Melanoma Risk Assessment Tool (National Cancer Institute): Web / Mobile
  5. My Life Check (American Heart Association): Web

Screening Exams Apps

  1. Find a Health Center (U.S. Department of Health & Human Services): iPhone
  2. Mammogram Reminder (American Cancer Society): Web

Cancer Treatment and Survivorship Apps

  1. Cancer.net (American Society of Clinical Oncology): iOS / Android    
  2. Caring Bridge (CaringBridge.org): Web  / iPhone / Android

 Remember, apps, like health goals, are a personal choice. What works for you, may not work for someone else.  

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