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The JoAnn Rosenberg Fund


JoAnn Rosenberg was well informed on health issues and was jokingly called “Dr. Rosenberg” for her interest in remedies, cures and alternative practices that might help friends and family with minor ailments. JoAnn was physically fit and very proactive about her health. That is why it is so difficult to accept that she was unable to get to the source of her health problem early on. She was eventually diagnosed with late-stage ovarian cancer and, despite aggressive treatment, died less than two years later at the age of 70.

JoAnn’s wish was for all women to know the symptoms of ovarian cancer and to act on that knowledge. To honor her wishes, her husband, Leonard Rosenberg, and daughters, Andrea Holzband and Lynne Siegel, established the JoAnn Rosenberg Fund to create awareness among women who might be at high risk for ovarian cancer.

Awareness Plus Action

So much needs to be done, not only in the area of education, but also in prevention and screening. Some of the exciting research now in progress is focusing on the development of a reliable test that will accurately diagnose ovarian cancer in its earliest and most treatable stages. Donors have the unprecedented opportunity to support these promising research advances that will improve the outlook for women with ovarian cancer and those at risk for developing the disease.

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For online donations to the JoAnn Rosenberg Fund, please enter the fund name under "Other" on the Online Donation Form. Or you may call the Development Office at (713) 792-3450 or 1-800-525-5841 for more information.

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