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Eligibility Requirements

Who is Eligible for Mobile Mammography

  • Women 35 years of age and older
  • Have not had a mammogram in the last year
  • No breast issues such as a lump or discharge from nipple area
  • Are ambulatory and able to maneuver the unit stairs
  • Have a referring physician (gynecologist, primary care or internist) willing to accept screening results
  • Women aged 30-34 with a mother or sister who was diagnosed with breast cancer before age 50. The "10-year rule" (that is, with a relative diagnosed at age 42, eligibility begins at age 32) will be applied.
  • Women not currently undergoing treatment, or with a history of breast cancer treatment, can be screened if they have had a unilateral mastectomy or benign lumpectomy and are cancer-free for 5 years

Who is Not Eligible for Mobile Mammography

  • Women who have had a malignant lumpectomy and/or radiation treatment
  • Pregnant or breast-feeding women

Women with breast implants should call 713-745-4050 to make an appointment at MD Anderson Cancer Center.

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