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Melanoma Vaccines

You can help advance these melanoma research initiatives:

  • Development of vaccines for melanoma and other cancers
  • Adoptive T-cell therapy clinical trials
  • Development of targeted therapies for melanoma

Focusing the body's immune cells

Much of our current research focuses on the stimulation of the body’s immune cells against cancer. Specifically, we are trying to stimulate T-cells to kill cancer cells. We are all born with infection and disease fighting T-cells. Our goal is to focus the T-cells against the tumor, so that we can destroy as well as prevent tumors from growing or spreading.

Programming immune cells to attack cancer

Other cells are also important to stimulate the immune system. To sustain an immune “attack” on tumor cells, dendritic cells are thought to play an essential role. Dendritic cells send communication signals to the body’s immune system to produce more T-cells and to program them to be able to recognize and kill the tumor cells.

Applications for other cancers

Successful stimulation of the immune system with vaccines will require an understanding of how best to activate the T-cells and dendritic cells in the body. As we develop new methods to immunize melanoma patients, we will learn concepts that may also be applied to other cancers and infectious diseases.

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